Orbiting Earth, Just above Sunrise City

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Orbiting Earth, Just above Sunrise City Empty Orbiting Earth, Just above Sunrise City

Post  Jaiden on Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:12 pm

Jet's Message***
The Core Virus are within the Neria's Tear fully stocked with countless Jegan's, three Octapes, the TCV Gundam, and the Raigo Gundam.

Within the Hangar bay of the Neria's Tear an attack squad awaits atmospheric re-entry in order to assault Sunrise city. Lead by a soldier named Jaiden Raesphares they ready themselves for a grueling battle which they expect to be extremely easy. Jaiden is on standby within The Core Virus Gundam at the hatch of the bay, ready to deploy as soon as it opens.

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