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SunRise City - Event Empty SunRise City - Event

Post  Jetniss on Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:18 pm

Event Bonus, all Pilot Skill of New-types raised by 600, Pilot Skill of Coordinators raised by 600, Pilot Skill of Naturals raised by 600.

**A peaceful city whose streets are currently littered in Earth Federation Soldiers. Soldiers said to be readying themselves for a Caravan to pass by, something that seems overly Valuable to the Earth Federation. Nothing has started yet, no commotion. Civilians have been either evacuated or escorted to a bunker with less than 0.3% of the population unchecked.**

Earth Federation's Role;

Earth Federation has no intel on any opposing factions.
Earth Federation's Main Goal is to protect the caravan.
Earth Federation only has the suits fore-mentioned, or the back-up suits in the respective thread that follows their stock.

ZAFT's Role;

ZAFT can only recognize an Earth Federation Officer's appearance, and has little information on their GMs.
ZAFT's Main Goal is to Destroy the caravan.
ZAFT only has the suits that are to be mentioned in the "ZAFT Prep" thread that will be made shortly.

TCV's Role;

TCV Can recognize any soldier's faction on the battle field, and can indentify with any Mobile Suit, but no Mobile SUITS, or Gundams besides their own.
TVC's Main Goal is to commandeer or steal the items within the caravan.
TVC only has the suits that are mentioned in the "Orbiting Earth, Just above Sunrise City" Thread.

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