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Post  Jetniss on Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:13 pm

TVC(The Core Virus) is a renegade group who stemmed from the reformation of ZAFT. ZAFT being too peaceful for their needs caused them to create a more hostile group that would aggressively force change and the acceptance of Coordinators on Earth. The Core Virus has taken arms and organized small strike forces that hit small cities on Earth. The Core Virus has also found itself a ample supply of Gundanium in which they instantaneously utilized and took up the Taboo act of creating Gundams. Their Mobile suits were stored away until their first Gundam was made, and their first act with their powerhouse strike force was destroying a small Natural colony and stirring up the fires of war. This violent act was thought to be done by ZAFT since TVC is not widely known as of yet. ZAFT has now fallen into a battle with the Earth Federation Forces and TVC only boosted hatred and resentment between the two forces. Proudly awaiting the creation of more suits, the TVC use a small force of Custom Mass-Produced suits, and two Gundams.

Leaders: Kien Akechi.

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