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Post  Jetniss on Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:41 pm

Traveling takes time, you can't just teleport from place to place. There are many ways to travel and the determined time to go from place to place are as followed. (And yes, these are real life days.)

Speed Output Days
1-40 7
41-63 6
64-80 5
81-104 4
105-130 3
131-169 2
170-200 1

Please keep in mind that you have to manually travel through each town. In other words...

Let's say you want to travel from lets say the moon to Solomon . It's not going to take you 4 days with 100 speed. It'll actually take you 16 days. That's because you'll have to travel through colony x, then colony b, then through colony a, and then finally to Solomon. This keeps players from skipping randomly all over the map. Please, keep in mind that these are only examples.

-Soon to be added-

Also, travel drains fuel and/or energy. The longer you burn fuel/energy non-stop, the more it drains meaning the longer you travel without stopping, the more fuel and energy you take up. This is to help limit players making one RP to leave, leave, and return when they get there. This should encourage more RP while traveling. Here's a chart on how it goes.

Days Fuel usage
1 20
2 45
3 75
4 100
5 120
6 150
7 175

After the seventh day, things steadily increase by forty[40].

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