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Post  Jetniss on Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:42 pm

This is a quick guide to player creation. Its mainly here to make sure you don't go overboard or anything and stick to the story. Nothing to overpowered or nothing that doesn't make sense. Also to make sure that there's as little loopholes as possible. We'll start from starting packages and go on to race, class, traits, and other random events that might occur.


You're only allowed one package, and you'll need to be in its age group. Once you've chosen the package you must play its part. If you're a veteran, you can't RP being new to the field and you can't RP being godly if you're a rookie. You're free to use any package except for the Legendary Package, this is a chance package and your RPing skills can increase your chances of getting it. So to 'unlock' it so to speak, you'll either need to complete the Advanced Veteran package and start a new character[Via your first dieing or whatever.] Or just be a great RPer and create a new character.


Once you've picked your race, you must stay true to it. Act like a coordinator if you are one, and act like a natural if you're that also. Coordinators lack the basic human foundations, and are arguably more like machines rather than humans. New-Types are a random event chance, you can get lucky and get a chance at being a New-type and I will PM you on that. Once the PM is sent, you have 48 hours to accept it or you loose your chance. Innovators so far are an even harder chance, and you'll only have 24 hours to accept, and due to the lack of information that we have on them, their details will be very sketchy.


Lets make one thing clear, this game does support a type of currency and without a faction, it will take you quite a while to make it anywhere. You'll have to buy your own weapons such as tanks, jets, or suits whereas a Faction -Should- provide it for you. I can not tell you that they will since Factions will be owned by a player, and function how they want it. They'll be given a certain amount of cash, and from there they will use it to run their faction.


You will not be able to pick your traits, you can apply for a trait by putting the word "Generate" by "Trait" on your character creation form. From there, upon acceptance a random Trait will be selected for you. Later on I will probably introduce a type of Gambling system. A system where you can risk doubling your difficulty for a trait of your choice. This will be Via Dice roll and we don't have much information so far. Remember, Traits are not able to be chosen, it is random.

Player-Made Factions

This hasn't been decided yet, they -will- come later and the player will have to rely on his own funds to run it. Player-Made Factions will of course have a big role in the story, and they can make large aggressive, or passive moves. Whether it be in politics or acts of war, but this is to be decided way later when we have a stable player base of say at least twenty.


Upon creation, if you've chosen a faction you will be instated into the faction via Forums and RP. Your name will change color to the selected faction, and you will be granted access to their intel and communication's channel. For pre-mades, they will be given a certain set of stats, cash, and a certain weapon if they have any, along with a trait if any. So far Pre-mades are only faction leaders and these leaders will be some of the highest figures in the early roleplay. Aside from that, players who use certain suits that have been mentioned in the story like the TVC's use of a gundam will be forced to RP having done those actions. So say a player selects the Gundam and is granted it, the player must have memory and accept the fact that they have struck crucial parts of both opposing factions to start the war.

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