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Member Name: Jetniss
Character Name: Jetniss Furyan
Age: Sixteen 16
Race: New-Type
Experience/Package: Novice
Gender: Male
Faction: None
Social Position: Mobile Suit Pilot.

Personality: Jetniss is a care-free, careless character. He's headstrong and rather pure not thinking of whats right or whats wrong, giving the cold shoulder to most, and being as professional. He usually dives head first into a fight, that is after he's looked at it from all sides since he's not the hard headed type. He's a bit stubborn when it comes to right and wrong though, not taking any side just completing his mission. Quite focused and a bit extreme in his actions, he only works for the mission and rarely strays from it.

To be more specific, Jet is a bit aloof. Always thinking about his mission, or something deep down that is rooted somewhere in his heart, or what he can find in it. He rarely acknowledges emotions, oblivious to others and only acknowledges pain. He tends to complete things with the utmost precision, and to the fullest extent of the mission rather than his actual abilities. Jet finds it rather hard to connect with people as well, hard to fit in due to his "Mechanical" nature.

To friends, he's not too different. He finds himself betraying them often, for the sake of the mission, and tending not to interfere with there's unless his mission called for it. He'll cut down anyone in his way, even those closest to him and without an ounce of regret. Seeing as how he's so tied to his missions, he doesn't make much friends anyway, and doesn't care. He treats himself as the original scientist that found him treated him, like a weapon.

History: Jet was a young boy when he was found on the streets by three scientist. The three scientist took him in to train him in mobile suit combat, teaching him the ins and outs, the basics and he accelerated rather quickly. For a second, they thought he was a coordinator but he was still human, concluding that he was a New-type they decided to give him advanced training. Showing him the more advanced systems of a suit, and testing a new project they had on him. A project that could cause major mental damage to him, and surprisingly after the ten years he had survived.

He was put into advanced weapons combat, advanced flight controls and patterns, mobile armor training, and mobile suit training. His most recent works were his Mobile SUIT training in simulations, running through scenario's and to their amazement, guessing his opponents movements and actions, and coming to a much cleaner outcome and a swifter victory. He was truly a marvel and they wanted to use him for more.

They kept him in longer, they're lab dog to continue testing, using a machine inspired by his habit of predicting his opponents moves and put him through torture tests with it for several years. His mind did not break, even when he first started at nine until he was sixteen. It had major effects on him and left him with a cunning perception of battle.

His eyes became cold, his personality machine-like to an extent. His focus all the more sharp, and his sense good and evil were so naive he was considered pure. He didn't actually get to go onto the field, due to the major testing done on him for so long. The scientists felt sorry for the child and released him into Sunrise city, for him to leave a normal life for a trial period. There, he made friends with a man named Jaiden Raesphares, a man who was his only close friend but still couldn't connect. Jaiden Raesphares didn't mind and because of that, neither did Jet.

Months went by and Jaiden left the city, Jet didn't even bother to wave him off. They'd meet again eventually and they both knew it. Jaiden left sunrise city and life continued on with Jet being the loner in the back of the class as he did his work. He didn't talk with anyone much, and didn't hang around for anything, did his work and moved on. Life continued its dull way until now when war seemed to have started again, and Earth Federation forces has occupied the city for so long.

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