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Leveling up Guide. Empty Leveling up Guide.

Post  Jetniss on Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:18 pm

Here's a quick guide to leveling up.

When you level up, you receive a certain amount of points to apply to your stats. When your done applying them, your status sheet will be updated accordingly. Now, you can only apply stats to Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Accuracy, Stamina, Mental Stamina, and each point is worth one added to your stats. Now, this might leave you asking how do you increase your pilot skill. Your Pilot Skill is increased depending on how you use a weapon. It'll be determined by your roleplays, the quality of them, how you use your weapon in them, and how much experience points you get. Some occasions you might get a small bonus if you level up and gain skill points at the same time. Just let it be known that its hard raising skill points, and event areas where your pilot skill is temporarily boosted is a chance to take advantage. If you're temporarily able to use a weapon, and your RPs are good, by the time your temporary boost is over, you'll gain the skill required to use that weapon or you'll be able to use that weapon without the required skill. This is yet again another random chance, don't PM me asking about it either.

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