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Post  Zangetsu on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:25 am


Trait Name:Combat High
Trait Requirement:Mobile suit pilot or a soldier.
Trait Pilot Requirement:Doesnt really matter
Weapon used for[Suits, armors, etc.]:none
Required item: none
What the skill does:When in combat, most people seem to get strength and abilities out of the depths of the body and mind. This is called combat high and it is the flow of adrenaline that affects the way your body reacts to the surrounding enviroment and its hazards. However, even if someone has this and it does help the person, it doesnt mean they will win. It just basically gives them advance piloting reactions or reactions on the field. Once the combat high wears down, the person will become sluggish and therefore will hardly be able to react.
Skill damage[Healing, self damage, or damage to others]: I guess self damage after it wears down, since your reactions are sluggish.

Okay.....idk if this is okay or not but i mean at least im not becomeing the terminator or a Shining gundam person. Razz Anyways....this is my attempt on trying to do a skill.

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